Recently, I moved from uptown Manhattan (Hah-LEM!) to the big B-K.  What better way to celebrate such a move than to explore the wonderful beer scene available in the area with my boyfriend and fellow beer guru as my tour guide?

There isn’t one.

So, without further ado, I present to you our Brooklyn Style Shenanigans in photo form.

Bierkraft Menu

First stop... Bierkraft!

Wall o Beer

The Wall o' Beer Signs at Bierkraft

Food and Bierkraft

Our lunch consisted of (for me) Black Albert Imperial Stout; Honey turkey, caramelized onions and ginger apple chutney on a baguette; and BBQ chips, and (for Lee), Stone Brewing Co Emperial IPA; Bratwurst; and Voodoo Chips- YUM!


Black Albert and I had a very nice beerelationship going...

Round 2

Round 2- Emelisse Rauch Bier (for me) and Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel! 'Péché Mortal' Imperial Coffee Stout (for Lee)

Lee and I

Cheers for Bierkraft!

Mission Dolores

While hard to find, this new bar (in a converted garage space) is charming and a great indoor/outdoor space

El Barro

El Barro- check out the taps!


The skylit roof over the bar created an enclosed space with an open doorway to a courtyard area

Sam, the Wonder Pup

This little guy's name was Sam (yep, after Sam Adams) and not only did we find him here at Mission Dolores (don't let the sad face fool you, he was getting LOTS of love) but he followed us to our next drinking hole as well! Pub crawl puppy? Yes, please!


Drinking a Stoudt's Imperial IPA Sam-style...


Cervezas- My Stoudt's Imperial IPA again along with Lee's Sierra Nevada's Charlie, Fritz and Ken's Imperial Helle's


Yes, I am playing Lord of the Rings Pinball. And, yes, I did get a high score. And no, I am NOT a nerd!... Jerk...


Ok... so I got a little intense... not gonna lie...

The Gate

Welcome to The Gate!

Tap List

The tap list at The Gate

Gate Beers

My Speakeasy Double Daddy meets Lee's Lagunita's Wilco Tango Foxtrot (WTF?)... Hilarity ensues...


Apparently, this is what things start to look like once you've had five high ABV beers... #justsayin.


No thanks- I'll take a pint of deliciousness, please!

The Gate

The bar at the Gate

Beer Table

The draft list at Beer Table

Beer Table Brews

The Bruery Tradewinds Tripel and Avery Maharaja IPA

Lost in my Tradewinds Tripel

Lost in my Tradewinds Tripel by candlelight...


Lee's cranky 'cause his glass is empty...

Artsy Fartsy

Beer Table is a classy establishment- it made me feel all "artsy fartsy"...


The food at Beer Table is mouthwatering- Ricotta Bread and Carmelized Bacon with Roasted Red Potatoes...


We finished off the night with BFM's new offering called "Douze", a salty, fruity American Pale Ale

Lee and I

I think we may be the cutest beer couple ever...

To see the rest of our shenanigans, check out my “Park Slope Pub Crawl” photo album here. Cheers!

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