Phillip Green is a man who loves his hops.  Phillip Green is also a man who loves his chocolate…

Phillip Green is a man with a plan.

Hop Candy, Inc. is Phillip’s brainchild- a mixture of his many passions.  Phillip infuses hops into the chocolate he makes, utilizing beer mug shaped molds to make the adorable little chocolates.  The detail in the chocolates is amazing- he even uses white chocolate to make the overflowing, carbonated head on the beer!

I think that Phillip has a great idea brewing with his Hopolate chocolates, and I told him as such when he offered to send me his wares.  However, the hop taste was a little strong for me.  I’m really excited to see what Phil comes up with in the future and maybe something with more of a hop essence than a full on hop taste would be better for someone like me- a person who is not a hardcore hop head, but definitely appreciates the taste of a good hop.  The chocolate wasn’t bad by any sense, but the taste was just a bit overpowering for me.

At the time Phil sent me his Hopolates, he already had two different styles he made, including a set that amber beer flavor mixed in.  I think that with some more refining, Phil has a really killer product on his hands and something that could help expand the growing craft beer industry.  Big props to Phil for his experimentation and exciting new prospect!

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