That’s right, Ladies and Germs- it is time for the next installation of Simply Beer homebrew! Peter Kennedy, craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer extroadinaire, was kind enough to send yet another Simply Beer care package to my work establishment (I am now the envy of all my co-workers).  This time he included two of his brews- the British Bitter and the Black Cherry Stout.

My night began with the British Bitter, which clocked in at a whopping 3.4% ABV.  The great thing about the low alcohol content is that this beer can accompany a lunch hour meal without the worry of getting drunk (the definition of a session beer, basically).  The brew poured a half cloudy, half clear golden amber color with no head.  On the nose were pear juice and green apple airheads- that tart/bitter/sweet combination.

The first thing I noticed about the sip of this beer was that it was very low on the carbonation- in fact, there was barely any of which to speak.  It was a very watery consistency, but held a punch of taste.  If I’m being honest (and that’s what I do,) this was not my favorite “PetahBeer!” (as I have affectionately called Peter’s Beer- ha!)  But, then again, I haven’t had much in the way of British Bitters, which doesn’t really seem to be my style.  To me, the brew tasted like dirty, watered down fruit punch- the type I had as a kid which was cheap and made me jealous of all the kids’ who had Minute Maid.

(Blogger’s Note: I tasted this beer with my favorite Brit, Lee Norman Williams of Hoptopia, and he kindly informed me of the fact that this brew was, in fact, a great example of a British Bitter; which, in turn, makes it a perfect example of what I love about beer.  There are so many different styles and flavors out there, and we don’t have to like them all!)



Next, and sadly, last, was the Simply Beer Black Cherry Stout.  I was really excited to get this beer, and it certainly did not disappoint!  The pour was one of the prettiest Auburn/Amber tinted blacks I have ever seen.  The head was super creamy and of the milk chocolate colored persuasion.  It smelled like the Wild Cherry Ludens I used to beg my mom for as a kid (I was a very sick child and begged for Wild Cherry Ludens for each of my monthly strep throats!)  Also on the nose was the aroma of Real Cherry Italian Ices.

The brew was refreshingly light and dry with an ashy finish.  Surprisingly enough, the beer tasted exactly like black cherries! (Blogger’s Note: heyuk, heyuk!) The brew also included a beautiful tiny fizz and a slightly hoppy overbite.  A very interesting observation that I made is that the quicker your sip was, the sweeter the taste of the brew was.  In other words, the longer you held the beer in your mouth, the more of the flavor profile you would get- including the bitter/sour hoppiness.

The Simply Beer Black Cherry Stout is yet another great installment in the line of Simply Beer homebrews that I have had the privilege of sampling.  The British Bitter, while not my style, stood up with the rest as well.  I’ve said it before and I will say it again- this Peter Kennedy fellow is going places.  Keep an eye out for the Simply Beer logo– one day you will see it on your local beer shelf!

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