On my way to becoming a homebrew superstar (which, I mean, come on people, we all know that I will be a SupaStar!)  I know that I will have many bumps and bruises to sort out.  That is why I have decided to become a sponge of sorts… but really, I just bug anyone I know who brews.  This includes my fellow BrewYork member Matt Steinberg and his crew from the New Jersey Beer Company, a startup brewery located in- you guessed it- New Jersey.  Luckily enough for me- Matt, Matt2 and Brendan had just set up their bottling line and were looking for volunteers to help bottle the Garden State stout, as they are embarking on that journey called distribution.  I figured, hey, why not hang out at a new brewery all day and ask lots of questions to help me on my homebrew shenanigans?

And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.

The following are a load of pictures that I (and Lee) took to document the momentous occasion.  I pestered, I prodded, and I learned; I figured I would never get invited back to NJBeerCo, so I threatened a beer pong ass-kicking for my next visit (men can’t turn that kind of stuff down!)

Matt and Taps

Matt Steinberg, Founder & President of New Jersey Beer Company

Garden State Stout

Garden State Stout- ready for bottling!

First- a beer!

Upon arriving at 10 A.M., our first order of business was to have a NJBeerCo brew straight from the tap... what better fuel for a long day of bottling?

Moxey gets a brew

Jonathan Moxey pours himself a Hudson Pale Ale to get ready for the day...

Keg cleaning

Jonathan gets to work with the keg cleaning machine.


Melanie and Lauren get to work on setting up cases and six packs.


Lee was the case taper-upper (so quick, even the camera couldn't handle him...)

The Super Crew

Us ladies are the best boxers around!


It was a bit steamy in the warehouse- Hey, Ma! My Italian is showing!

Ladies of Craft Beer

Three lovely Ladies of Craft Beer- Lauren, Me and Melanie- drinking our 1787 Spiced Abbey Ale

Clean Kegs

The keg cleaning machine up close (note the cute NJBeerCo symbol on the kegs!)

The fruits of our labor

Quick math- 150 cases of 4 six packs each = 3,600 bottles... yikes!

We don't mess around

This is my boxing face! We don't mess around here at NJBeerCo... unless beer pong is involved...

Give Me Stout or Give Me Death!

Give me stout or give me death!

Bottling Line of Doom

The Bottling Line of Doom- complete with lots of parts and no manual in sight!


There were lots of Sixtel to be cleaned...

Da Boys

The boys (Jonathan Moxey and Bob Olsen)- cleaning sixtels and taking names!

The Hop Bucket

The Hop Bucket


Dun dun dun duuuuuh! The grill- here to save the day!

Beer pong

Brewer Matt (Matt2) brings his pong face- lucky I spared him from embarrassment... this time...


Dancing in my NJBeerCo cap- complete with bottle opener and Moxey backup singer!

New Jersey Beer Company brews will be distributed in New Jersey really soon- check out their website for details.  We should, hopefully, be seeing some of their brews in the NYC area shortly as well.  A fall seasonal is in the works, as is their specialty imperial series.  The wait will be well worth it- New Jersey Beer Companyhas some great output and are wonderfully passionate beer people.


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