May 6 : The Lost Abbey : Framboise de Amorosa : Ladies of Craft Beer with Taylor Shaw

New Brew Thursday!

The name says it all...

The wonderful gentlemen from New Brew ThursdayBrad Kohlenberg, John Holzer and Stephen Johnson– are craft beer advocates and all around awesome dudes.  They were gracious enough to host Taylor Shaw to talk about a group I founded called the Ladies of Craft Beer.  Taylor is another craft beer advocate and our San Diego based spokeslady as well as one smart cookie.

Ladies of Craft Beer was established as a group of women craft beer drinkers who wanted to help spread the good word to other women who didn’t know about craft beer.  Many women are biased on beer due to the stereotypes that are out there- often set into place by the macro brews.  We are hoping to enlighten women on the truths about beer.

Another great aspect of the group is that it is not only for women, but men can participate as well.  The thought process is for men to encourage the women in their life to be able to share in their interests.

Anywho, I’ll stop rambling on- Taylor covers it all perfectly in the New Brew Thursday video.  Take a looksee and let me know what you think.

Special thanks to the guys at New Brew Thursday; Evie, their camera operating super-lady of craft beer; Dr. Bill for his Master Pairings; Taylor Shaw (@TheArtofBeer) for her support, help, generosity, spirit and overall amazingness; and lastly but not least- to all of you- the people who make what we do possible.  Keep on reading, sharing, suggesting, drinking, and most importantly, talking- talk about what you’re drinking- what you like about it, what you don’t like about it, how you would change it, what makes it special, and why we should drink it.  Beer is, in itself, a social advocate for us; why shouldn’t we do the same for it?

Slainte, salud, and Cheers!