Let them eat carob...

I am a very lucky girl for a plethora of reasons- most of which were present on the night when I got to try Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales‘ collaboration with the fellows at Beer Advocate– Wrath of Pecant.  An American Brown Ale; this brew is an über limited release one time brew.

Reddish copper in hue, the pour on Pecant is super pretty and completes with a nice white ring for lacing.  Everything about this beer screams drink me; from the styling label to the gorgeous color and the adorably punny name.  The aroma only enhances this drinkability in the form of:


Thats right, frienditos- bacon.  Because, honestly, who doesn’t love a beer that smells like bacon?  Smokey and nutty with a hint of banana, the scent stays true to the brew’s ingredients- plantain flour and pecan smoked malts.  Also included in this nose is raw peanut butter- the type you’d fine in Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

Sweet and savory to the taste, Wrath of Pecant could be a full flavored meal all to itself.  The main course is that of a fine pulled pork complete with buttery biscuits, finishing with an undertone of the carob and a sharp bursting taste of Banana Tortuga Rum cake, despite the low 6.3% ABV.  A nice fine fizz completes the brew, leaving a very smooth and slightly sticky goodness on the palate.

So, what exactly does *this* (two thumbs, pointed inward) nerdy girl have to say about Wrath of Pecant?  Go out and get your bottle today- whether you have to sell your soul to the devil or team up with good ol’ Willy Shatner to fight a bunch of exhiled space freaks, this brew is totally worth it.  Well balanced and delicious, Wrath of Pecant just may be Dogfish Head’s best limited edition endeavor yet.

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