... from the deep dark depths of the Brewmaster's imagination...

This Robust Series Limited Release hailing from Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego, California, has all the makings of an amazing imperial stout.  Among a pour with all the makings of motor oil and a whopping 10% ABV lies an underbelly of smooth drinkability that turns this brew into a perfect dessert beer.

Opaque black in color, the head on my pour was quite generous (a little over three fingers) and the shade of pancake batter.  If the pour itself didn’t show me how viscous this liquid is, the lacing on Sea Monster is reminiscent of whip cream remnants at the top of a milkshake glass, which in turn leads me to the taste.

The Sea Monster is a plethora of creamy smooth goodness- like a melted choco-mocha-malted milkshake.  The fact that there is almost no carbonation and a sweet vanilla kicker only serve to further enhance this sensation.  Don’t forget the coffee, however- and the aroma of the brew definitely won’t let you.  Finish off with a slightly bitter twist ala Starbucks and you are good to go.

The really nice quality of Ballast Point’s Sea Monster is that it is just what it says it will be- an Imperial Stout with a robust palate supported by all the normal Stout-ish players- oatmeal, dark fruits, vanilla, oak and bourbon all cut through the mocha in different waves.

I really quite like the Sea Monster, even without any crazy, outlandish ingredients or fancy aromas.  My favorite part of the brew was definitely the thickness – something unparalleled so far in any beers that I have previously tasted.  It gave it a nice, weighty feel in the mouth and in the stomach; allowing Sea Monster to properly serve its purpose as my dessert for the night; give me this over pie any day!

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