My Twitter pal Lost has a great blog called Lost in the Beer Aisle.  The great thing about LIBA is that it is for the common beer consumer- someone who enjoys a good brewski but may not have THAT much knowledge on the craft beer world.  Lost introduces readers to the wonders (and tastes) of craft beers while also adding fun features such as the “Beer Douche” series and the “Beer Brainstorms”.

I, luckily, got to join Lost tonight for one of his Beer Brainstorm sessions.  Although we live in different states, we both sat down with Rogue Ale’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar for a tasting session via Instant Messenger.  Here is what we came up with: (via Lost in the Beer Aisle)

“These beer brainstorms are really catching on. I love doing them. People love participating in them. People love reading them. I really feel like I’m on to something. Tonight Stevie joins me as we review Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. Stevie has a blog of her own, and just recently started reviewing beer. Although she only has a couple of beer reviews under her belt, she already sounds like an expert! Many thanks for reviewing with me tonight!!!

@BasicallyRed: ready for this thing?
@Lost_in_beer: yup
@Lost_in_beer: Just took it out of the fridge, snapped some pictures
@Lost_in_beer: haven’t opened it
@BasicallyRed: mine’s super chilly, about to be opened
@Lost_in_beer: I’m 90% sure I probably should have taken it out 10 minutes ago
@Lost_in_beer: But we’ll see how the flavor changes as it warms I guess
@BasicallyRed: this one’s been sitting for about ten. I like darker brews pretty chilly, though
@BasicallyRed: Pouring…
@Lost_in_beer: Already poured here 🙂
@BasicallyRed: Wow, hold it up to the light! What a pretty red-amber
@Lost_in_beer: Borderline mahogany
@BasicallyRed: I was going to say cherry wood 🙂
@Lost_in_beer: Sure…even closer
@Lost_in_beer: Couple fingers of head
@BasicallyRed: Really? I have almost none
@BasicallyRed: Just opened, too – I hope I didn’t get a dud!
@Lost_in_beer: Freaky
@Lost_in_beer: Aroma is definitely nutty
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, the hazelnut is super strong
@Lost_in_beer: And I have a confession….I actually dislike hazelnut
@BasicallyRed: Really?! Then why go for the HAZELNUT Brown Nectar?
@Lost_in_beer: It sounded really unique
@Lost_in_beer: When you review 3-4 beers a week, you gotta have excitement
@BasicallyRed: I love me some Nutella, not gonna lie…
@BasicallyRed: but that’s the Italian in me coming out 🙂
@BasicallyRed: it’s true, switch it up a bit- go out of the ordinary
@BasicallyRed: I’m trying to determine what other smells are in there, but the nut is so strong
@Lost_in_beer: That’s what she said?
@BasicallyRed: HA
@BasicallyRed: Maybe some citrus?
@Lost_in_beer: maybe
@Lost_in_beer: I’m ready for a taste
@BasicallyRed: Going in for the kill
@Lost_in_beer: Innnnnterrresting
@BasicallyRed: Not quite what I expected
@Lost_in_beer: If you blind taste-tested me I would have guessed a light coffee porter
@BasicallyRed: It does have that slight creaminess to it
@Lost_in_beer: And it’s sweet, which I love
@BasicallyRed: It is sweet, but almost tastes a bit salty to me, too
@Lost_in_beer: Salty?
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, I think it’s the aftertaste that’s doing that for me
@Lost_in_beer: I’m racking my brain / tastebuds to figure out what flavors are making it sweet
@BasicallyRed: I am a big fan of hazelnut coffee, and this definitely does have the flavors
@BasicallyRed: There’s a bit of chocolate in there
@Lost_in_beer: yeah, maybe chocolate
@Lost_in_beer: vanilla? brown sugar?
@Lost_in_beer: Those come to mind, but not quite right
@BasicallyRed: I’m not getting any vanilla
@BasicallyRed: Hazelnut itself is a pretty sweet flavoring
@Lost_in_beer: You could be right…dunno how they get hazelnut flavor in there, but if it’s extract, it could be sweet
@Lost_in_beer: AHHH! Label – “Hazelnut extract”
@BasicallyRed: Right on, it’s extract.
@Lost_in_beer: And chocolate malts!
@Lost_in_beer: You nailed it
@BasicallyRed: HA I just did the same thing!
@BasicallyRed: Chocolate is such a common thread in darker brews, though, you think?
@Lost_in_beer: agreed
@Lost_in_beer: Noticing that this label gives a bunch of numbers that I don’t know what they mean, but doesn’t give the ABV?
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, I actually noticed that when I tried the Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir last night
@Lost_in_beer: To the Google!
@Lost_in_beer: 6.2% ABV
@Lost_in_beer: Sounds about right. I would have been surprised if it was higher
@BasicallyRed: Yeah, I’m not detecting the alcohol at all
@Lost_in_beer: Nah…nothing
@BasicallyRed: Smell or taste
@Lost_in_beer: The nuttiness totally overwhelms it
@BasicallyRed: There’s still carbonation in the beer itself
@Lost_in_beer: Oh yeah…plenty. More than average I’d say
@Lost_in_beer: Oh…and I’m seriously concerned about your lack of head
@Lost_in_beer: I’ve got awesome lacing
@BasicallyRed: Ungh, I’ve got nothing
@Lost_in_beer: Did you shake the bottle first?
@BasicallyRed: No, should I have?
@Lost_in_beer: Yes…vigorously shake every bottle of beer before you open it
@Lost_in_beer: I’m messing with you 🙂
@BasicallyRed: HA, could you imagine? What a waste of delicious beer!
@BasicallyRed: Although I bet I’d look hysterical
@Lost_in_beer: hehe
@BasicallyRed: Second pour and the head appeared!
@Lost_in_beer: *clap*
@BasicallyRed: About a fingers worth, maybe it was too cold at first
@BasicallyRed: Seriously, is there anything else in here besides Hazelnut?
@Lost_in_beer: Just the chocolate
@Lost_in_beer: Overall I’m really digging it
@Lost_in_beer: you?
@BasicallyRed: It’s quite good. Not my favorite, but I’d definitely get it again.
@Lost_in_beer: So summary thoughts…
@BasicallyRed: This is one of the more plain ales that I’ve had in awhile
@BasicallyRed: And I’m actually digging that fact- the simplicity of the single flavoring lets you focus on it, but it’s not overwhelming
@Lost_in_beer: For being super hazelnutty (and not being a fan of hazelnut) I’m pleasantly surprised
@Lost_in_beer: Looks really pretty, and it quite drinkable
@BasicallyRed: The chocolate helps cut it a little bit (mmm Nutella)
@BasicallyRed: Hey, maybe you can get a Nutella endorsement from this one!
@Lost_in_beer: It could get really old quick
@BasicallyRed: I’m on my second half of a glass and ready to move on to something else
@Lost_in_beer: Well I gotta get going. Thanks for doing this!
@BasicallyRed: Hey, thanks for having me! You are a gentleman and a scholar!”

Take a look around Lost’s site; whether you’re new to the game or have been drinking craft beers for years, you will learn something new!  Thanks for having me, Lost!

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