With a pour just like that of the Brooklyn Black Ops (thick and black with a huge dark chocolate head), I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Dirtoir, although I get the classy play on words in the title (dirt noir= black dirt.)  The beauty behind this limited release series (Dirtoir is the second, after the Wet Hops) is the “grow your own” organic theme laced with the fact that the brew contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives.  So it’s pretty much as pure as you can get.

Rogue Ales, based out of Newport, Oregon, created this brew by growing their own hops and barley.  With an IBU rating of 35, the Dirtoir was much smoother than I imagined it would be.  This brew also boasts a whopping 15° Plato rating and an admirable 75 AA.  It tastes pretty damn freaking good, too.

The good thing about Dirtoir is that is smells exactly the way it tastes- like wood smoked Mesquite BBQ.  My first sip actually brought me back to my days as a youngin’ at my grandpappy’s swimming hole, where I’d take a break from swimming to take in some Mequite BBQ tater chips.  There is also a creamy nuttiness about Dirtoir that rounds out the taste along with the common chocolate tastes associated with darker brews.

The only part about tasting this beer that I didn’t like was that it was the last of the night.  Although there are definitely chocolate undertones, the savoryness of this brew definitely cuts it out from the “dessert beer” catergory.  I’d suggest Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir to go with a nice hunk of beef or something with a spicy kick.

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